An international bank with personalised products

An international bank with personalised products

Large variety of financial products for both private and corporate customers.

Consumer loans, credit cards & home loans

A wide range of products for individuals to improve their quality of life now.

  • Simple, fast and digital
    A smooth loan contract conclusion process that takes place in digital channels - it is fast simple and understandable.
  • Outstanding service
    One of the best customer service experiences in the financial field - professional, fast and more personal than that of other service providers.
  • Products for any purpose
    A wide selection of loan products for various life situations. Be it purchasing or renovating your home, buying a new car or going for an adventure - we have a special product for any desire out there.
Consumer loans, credit cards & home loans

Hire purchase

A flexible way to buy goods without having to pay the entire cost at once.

  • Shop now, pay later
    Meant for purchasing the good stuff now, but paying for it later by installments.
  • More than 500 partners over Europe
    We cooperate with highly reputable companies that are experts and leaders of their field.
  • Flexible and convenient
    Hassle free process by preference of the customer - either to shop online or at store.
Hire purchase

Corporate loans & leasing

Loans for establishing, expanding and growing your business.

  • Fast decisions
    We believe in credit processes and product conditions designed keeping in mind the customer. Indicative offer within one and binding offer within five workdays is reasonable expectation and available for our customers.
  • Wide range of loans
    Each company and each situation is unique. The solutions offered need to be different also – be it investment loan, real estate development loan or credit line for established companies with strong financial statements, car leasing to expand the company's car fleet, small loan for micro company or mortgage loan for newly established company.
  • Tailor made solutions
    True banking partner to its customer is stable, predictable and transparent. Decision making is kept close to the customers, which ensures flexibility and understanding of the situation.
Corporate loans & leasing

Term and saving deposit

Deposits are suitable for people looking for safe ways to grow their money.

  • Digital and convenient
    The whole process from opening a deposit till end of the term can be made digitally.
  • Secure and fixed
    Our deposit products are secured according to the Estonian Guarantee Fund Act.
  • Attractive returns
    A good return is guaranteed by either fixed or floating interest rate, which are better than those offered by other service providers. Deposits are not subject to transaction or maintenance fees.
Term and saving deposit