Term Deposits

BIGBANK offers term deposits in Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. Bigbank’s term deposits are characterised by the following keywords:

Attractive returns

Bigbank offers deposits with interest which is better than the rates offered by other banks. Deposits do not have contract or maintenance fees, and interest is not taxed.


A deposit is secure and the interest paid from it is fixed. All of Bigbank’s deposits are secured according to the Guarantee Fund Act. As of 1 January 2011 deposits are compensated in full up to €100,000.


Depositing can start with small amounts, and you do not need a thorough knowledge of investing or have to follow changing share prices or interest rates – deposit interest is fixed. Also, opening a deposit is quick and easy. Only a deposit contract needs to be entered into, with the deposit sum then transferred to the respective account.

For more information about services near you, see the full list of countries in which Bigbank operates.