Bigbank's Services


Clients of all banks can apply for a loan from Bigbank, which means that your salary does not have to be paid into an account in Bigbank. Nor do you need a current account with us. Your income is always the primary collateral for your loan. Bigbank accepts property and sureties issued by private individuals who have a stable income as additional loan collateral.

As a rule, Bigbank responds to loan applications within 24 hours. The loan amount is transferred to the borrower once the loan agreement and (where necessary) collateral contract have been signed. The borrower may apply for a grace period during the term of the loan, which may be either partial (interest must be paid) or full (interest does not have to be paid). It is also possible to repay the loan ahead of time.


A term deposit is suitable for people who have spare money that they will not need to use in the near future. This money can be deposited and left to grow for a longer period of time.

A term deposit has several advantages compared to other savings and investment products: good returns, safety and simplicity.

  • A good return is guaranteed by the interest rate, which is better than those offered by other banks. Also, deposits are not subject to transaction or maintenance fees.
  • All of Bigbank’s deposits are safe, with a fixed interest rate, and are guaranteed according to the Guarantee Fund Act. Deposits of up to €100,000 are compensated in full as of 1 January 2011.
  • A deposit can be opened quickly and easily, and you can start by depositing small amounts. All you need to do is enter into a deposit contract and transfer the deposit amount to the relevant account.