Social Responsibility

Bigbank role in society

As an enterprise, Bigbank is aware of its role in terms of social responsibility. Bigbank supports the weakest in society through sponsorship. Its sponsorship activities are mainly directed at supporting culture, sports and youth projects.

Bigbank's best known sponsorship projects include:

  • the main sponsor of the largest athletics series in the Baltic States - the Bigbank Gold League, from 2006 until 2012;
  • co-organiser and sponsor of the biggest annual pan-Baltic charity dog show – the BIG Match Show;
  • a charity event for large families every May around Mother’s Day in cooperation with the Union of Large Families of Estonia and Union of Large Families of Latvia since 2006; and
  • sponsor of the largest annual folklore festival – the Viljandi Folk Music Festival of the Estonian Traditional Music Centre – from 2005-2008.

Responsible borrowing

Bigbank proceeds from all written and unwritten rules and good practice in its operations. We emphasise to our clients that borrowing is a decision that should never be made lightly. Bigbank is flexible and always tries to agree on mutually suitable solutions with clients who are having difficulties. Promoting responsible borrowing and raising people's financial awareness are also priorities for us. On our initiative, the following projects have been launched:

Debt Adviser Internet Portal ( - This portal was launched in all three Baltic States to give people in financial difficulty advice on how to improve their situation and prevent problems. It is also an interactive tool for anyone who wants to better control their finances and provides practical recommendations and theoretical advice on how to cope if your income decreases or you lose your job. Use of the portal is free.

Loan Watchers - Loan Watchers is a pilot project that was created by Bigbank in 2009. It is a group advice network designed to improve the payment discipline of Bigbank's loan clients and help clients pay off their debts by offering them regular group counselling and consultations. It was developed in response to the recent recession, which also affected Estonia.

Loan Watchers is an international group counselling network that follows the example of Weight Watchers, a movement popular all over the world, including in Estonia. Those who attended Loan Watchers meetings regularly are given advice on how to adapt their everyday lives to the complicated new economic conditions. In addition to knowledge, attendees also receive psychological support.