Awards & Achievements

DIVE customer service survey

Bigbank’s customer service has received a host of excellent assessments in the DIVE Service Topp, the largest service survey conducted on the Estonian and Latvian markets. In 2009 and 2010, Bigbank was recognised as the bank with the best customer service in Estonia, ahead of several large international banking groups. In 2010 Bigbank Latvia received this honour as well.

DIVE Service Top is a regular survey conducted by the internationally acknowledged survey company DIVE. It is based on test purchases (i.e. the mystery shopping method) in the course of which the level of service in different areas of life – from retail sales to public services – is assessed. Every spring, DIVE conducts an evaluation among banks.

In the course of the survey, employees acting as customers evaluate the behaviour, communication and sales skills of the customer service employees, the appearance of the service location and the correctness and representativeness of the customer service employee of the bank by using the test purchase method. The channels are evaluated via direct contact, but also through phone and e-mail communication.

In the case of Bigbank, the survey company emphasised the excellent functioning of our electronic bank channels, as well as direct communication at branches.

Best Deposit Bank 2010 with European Guarantee Fund

Beste Festgeldbank 2010In a comparison of 75 banks, Bigbank proved to be the best deposit bank with the European Guarantee Fund. This survey was conducted by the German-based FMH in cooperation with n-tv. Interest notices sent to FMH’s financial consultants from January to November 2010 were evaluated, where a deposit amount of 10,000 euros was taken as the basis.